The chances of getting locked in a room you don’t know anything about are quite slim in real life. However, when it comes to the office, we all know how bravely we finish all the work and prepare ourselves for moving out. The Escape The Office game caters exactly to that need. You are in the office and you need to escape. If you are working extra hours and need some inspiration to keep going or even thinking about the time when you would be able to breathe fresh air, this is the game you should be playing. Beware! It can be counter-productive as well. On a serious note, Escape The Office is a game that cannot be bound in a story or a plot (as the first frame of the game suggests). It is just that you are stuck in an office. The elevator would not work, the computer is locked by a password you don’t know, the printer or the lamp does not have any power and there is pretty much nothing that would give you the slightest clue of what you are about to do or where you should be going next. This game is only for those who can understand the trick, explore the office and even take inventory so that they can find their way out. The game would be providing you text based narratives. Plus, it features a clock ticking sound which is great for building up some pressure on the players. The game has been created by Afro-Ninja and is quite fun and challenging to say the least. It has an intuitive design and comes with logical puzzles as well. There are interactive areas in the office room where you would be finding inventory that can later be used in helping you get your way out. The game is developed in flash and is available for mobile devices as well. The basic game is free but you can also be making some in-app purchases to give yourself some challenges and goals to meet. Again, just like any escape the room game, you also have to keep clicking around and find whatever is useful in Escape The Office game as well. The best thing about this game is that it is quite small and does not make you ponder over too many puzzles. It is short, simple and quite engaging at the same time. After all, who wants to stay in the office for long?

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