The internet has never been short of challenging flash games. However, the escape room games have always been the priority for people who find a Sherlock in themselves. The Crimson Room is definitely one of the most popular escape room games around and it is a pioneer in this gaming sub-genre but that does not mean that it does not have the element of thrill and suspense. The game begins with a few text messages at the bottom of the screen. The plot is that the player was heavily drunk last night and has now entered a room which is painted in red. This looks quite like a hotel room. The player is not familiar with his surroundings and as he is back into his senses, he is now trying to escape that room. This is the only way he would get to know where he is and how he got there. Though the plot is quite simple, you would definitely have a tough time in finding the answers. The game moves ahead with a few high pitched musical notes which occasionally break the drop-dead silence of the Crimson Room. As you look around the room, you would be finding many items that can help you in finding more clues and finally unlocking the door and moving out. These items include an old CD player, an empty CD label, three keys, a small ring with inscriptions and so on. This is a very short and simple game, but it has been challenging players from all over the world ever since it was developed and released in 2004. It is actually a Japanese game which can leave you quite frustrated if you do not find the way to move out. If we talk about the game on the level of development, you would not find anything flashy, even though the game is developed in Flash. With that bad joke, we would just say that the game is quite simple in terms of graphics, but provides a complete 3D outlook which is quite appreciable. The trick is in clicking around and finding things at places you must have never thought about. The feeling that you are getting alarmed and claustrophobic in a room that is painted in red is quite a cool thing actually. Though it is not one of the most advanced ones out there, you should definitely start playing escape room games with the Crimson Room.

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